Adult Ministries

Men’s Group of Journeymen

Our men’s group is very active. Being a JourneyMen is about your faith journey in Christ and becoming a devoted follower of Jesus. Gathering together with family and friends; growing together in God’s Holy Word; giving back to God in response to His saving love, and going to make disciples in the name of our triune God. Being a JourneyMen is a life devoted as a follower of Christ. Signup for God’s Word daily emailed or go to Facebook where we post daily readings and JourneyMen events.

Women’s Groups

Women of Hope offers opportunities for women to grow in their Christian faith and in fellowship with each other through Bible study, prayer, workshops, retreats and service opportunities. For more information about Women of Hope events, contact Nancy Nowiszewski, Director of Care Ministry,

Lutheran’s Women’s Missionary League (LWML) which includes Elizabeth Circle. Mary Martha  Circle, Ruth Circle, and Lutheran Urban Mission Agency Auxiliary.

Men & Women’s Groups

Simply Singles is a group of Christian singles ages 35 years and older committed to growing in their relationship with God and with each other. Simply Singles provides both fellowship and service opportunities at Timothy and in the community. Activities strengthen participants’ ties to their Christian faith and with each other. The group meets in the Fellowship Hall, North Campus, second Saturday each month, after the evening service. Special events are shared through church communications or by e-mail to group participants. For more information, contact the church office.

Adult Bible Studies A listing of inspiring and educational Bible Classes at both the north campus and the south campus