Care Ministry Q&A

What is care ministry and who on staff is involved with care ministry? Care ministry refers to the care provided by the pastors and the Care Minister, Nancy Nowiszewski, to our members in times of emergency, health care concerns and spiritual crisis. Care ministry also gives every member the opportunity to “Touch Lives for Christ” through individual efforts as well as participation in care ministry opportunities offered through the church.

How would I report an upcoming hospitalization? Please call the church office (228-5300) and provide the information to the person who answers the phone.

Who will visit me in the hospital? One of the pastors or the Care Minister will visit initially. If you are hospitalized for an extended time, you may receive a visit or call from members of your small group or other friends who care about you.

What Care services are available to me? A number of care services are available, ranging from spiritual guidance and prayer support to special assistance needed as the result of an emergency or health concern. Our Helping Hands Ministry provides assistance with home maintenance or repairs, while our Transportation Ministry provides transportation to those who are not able to drive or obtain a ride to worship services, medical appointments or the grocery store. Financial assistance is also available to those experiencing a financial crisis or emergency.

How can I inform the church that I need any of these services? You can call the church office (228-5300) and ask for the pastor on call or Care Minister. If you prefer to speak to a specific person, you can ask for them. If an emergency occurs after office hours, you may still call the church number and you will be directed to leave a message that will be relayed to the ministry staff person on call, who will call you as soon as they receive the message.

What is a Stephen Minister and when is it appropriate to request one? Stephen Ministers are trained to show God’s mercy, care and compassion to another who is hurting. They walk beside their care receiver, pray for them and listen to their concerns. You may request a Stephen Minister whenever you are experiencing a life crisis or loss of any kind, whether through death, change in employment, or relationships. Stephen Ministers are assigned one-to-one, male to male and female to female, in a confidential caring relationship. You may request a Stephen Minister through one of the pastors or through the care ministry office.

Pastor Rich Steensma, Senior Pastor
Pastor John Otte, Associate Pastor
Pastor Rod Lindemann, Associate Pastor
Nancy Nowiszewski, Care Minister